Unfortunately a pity is permanently deleted because the dear Jewish citizens do not like them. I live in germany i must respect this country - thinking is paramount in what situation we are. I look forward to the many foreign cultures in my homepage -

تحيا القدس -  تحيا فلسطين   Es lebe Jerusalem

اثناء معرضي في القدس 1997 زارني زوجين يهود - تالمت من شدة علاقته- ما لبعض وتواضعهم كانهم يقولون يوجد يهود يحبونكم - كانو كبيرين في العمر اتصور  كانو  في المحرقة نجوا - دائما افتكربهم واقارنهم بالذي اعيشه في المانيا ومعنانت الشعب الالماني يوميا

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Nagi Alali his kritik ist imprtant- for free palestine and seural
Trump/ Arabworld: Riad 2017
The whole world is against him - He is elected as US President. One can see the advantages in him - I from the Middle East, against the war and the destitute of the Arab reactionaries, welcomed him very much, because: he directed the Arab world to put their cause in order. Thus a bomb flew in the thinking of the Arabisce states. At the time they are throwing themselves at this bomb, which does not explood - but everything is in the air, what will it look like afterwards. Obama, thank God, and not Clinton with the blamed Butin's hard work to attack the US - he stopped them - Trump is there - and he said klip and clear the Arab in Riyadh - you should do something - what obama sends only weapon, clinton allegedly funds To the IS. State.
How to know terror through Arabia - the terror wants Islam as a state system - My letters to Cairo during Mursi government have been opened in bad condition - so what do you experience for the first time - and he wants to say he is Muslims ?? Moslem brother is other than muslim-

Nasser has brought us other islam - you all should be everything - girls at sports equipment - headscarf does not have to be. (1956) At that time the moslembruder demanded that the women in Egypt should put on headscarfs and hijab - he laughed and said 10 million women he should tell them this - with their daughters studying and without heads - he laughed - An assassination is practiced on him - as Alsadat they kill him -
Whether wet Sadat mubarak alsisi - such governors allow all freedoms all religions - the hook is the country is very poor - the oppressive exerts a power that recesses only Egypt.
In Riad, TRUMP opened a new perspective for terrorism, not for terror like Obama / Clinton and the other 2 states.
"The transformation of Syria war- Here, reason gains the upper hand on the false interest of the three states that led the war-financed Middle East into the anarchy." Al jubiere (Saudi foreign minister) literally said to the opposition with Asad or even more self-destroying , Instead of 56 terror

crusades in Syria, it is planned to reduce to 6, so that the negotiations with de Mestora will be made easier, or else the war would be endless - no one asked about the population living in lebanon, Jordan.
Thanks to Trump, he was able to make contact with Russia.

" Die Umwandlung Syrien Krieg- Hier gewinnt die Vernunft die Oberhand auf die falschen Interesse 3er staaten, die den krieg geführt finanziert den NahenOsten in die Anarchie führte- Al jubiere ( Saudi Außen minister) sagte
wortwörtlich dem Opposit. mit Asad oder sucht selbst endere weg. darauf hin statt 56 terror gurppen in Syrien will man auf 6 reduzieren, damit die Verhandlung mit"de Mestora" erleichtert wird. Sonst es wurde topodiert und der krieg endlos - keiner fragte nach dem Bevölkerung, die in libanon, Jordanien zerrissen leben.  
Dank Trump er bewegte die lage, dass er mit Russland kontakt aufnahm.

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About Me

About Me
In die Fremde Lebenslang ersehnte wissen malen zu lernen  mir war das erste DAS SUCHEN was ich will: Mit Käthe Kollwitz fing ich meine Arbeiten . Danach zu Paternostern serien in Pastell. In beiden verbindete ich:
1-Arabische kultur 1001 Nacht -  Kultur als Ursprung
 2 - Religion:  Liebe, Adam&Eve        Paternoster
Danach begann ich neue Phase:  Ideen weiterentwickelt  in Digialen Arbeiten

Serien Titeln

Nach Walter Benjameen Ideen, unsere zukunft in dem vielfältigte. Druck- Technik entwickelt sich in neuen Formen - Ich übernahm die Idee - die Inhalte über die gegenwar der arab. Frau, sowohl neue positive als negative Aspekte des Ggegenwart im Orient. Verbunden / untermauert Europa lang Kampf um die Freiheit/ die Selbststimmung in Kunst/ Philosophie -
Kinder für Frieden  /  Wiederherstellungseite -noch
2 points are won by this action from 4 states ( ägypte, Emarate, Bahrien, Kuweit)
1- a Secular State
2 With this, the 4 states are one step further in the Enlightenment

Orient Oxident:  Aus der Serie: Arab  Poem / Digital 2001-2003 - After the eleven September 2001

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